Sell Your Used Games

Hello Everyone,

Along with being the store where you can find all the new board game releases, there is also a section of the store that will specialize all on used games being sold through the store by customers like yourselves. The games in the section will range from heavily used to even factory new, therefore each comes with a handy condition card that will tell you about the overall condition, the price, and other useful bits of information to help you pick out the right game. If the game is not in satisfactory condition, you are given 3 days to return it. The shelf should always be changing, so stop on by to check it out!

If you are interested in selling your used games through us here is what you need to know! First off, your games will be sold using consignment, so you pick the price for the game to be sold at. Secondly, this system is currently only being offered for used board games and roleplaying books, not toys, miniatures, dice, collectibles and the such. Lastly, to turn in the game you will need to fill out and read thoroughly our Used Game Submision Form (linked below) which includes additonal guidlines and goes more in-depth into the games condition. Once this is done just bring in the game with the sheet, we will process it and it should show up on the shelf in no time!

Rooks Games and More reserves the right to refuse any item trying to be sold for any reason, be it condition, suspicoius pretenses, demand, and the like. We assume responsibility for the game while it is in our care. If you have any questions you can come into the store or call us. Happy Selling!