A Note from Sara

I spent the last week in Bozeman, and I just wanted to say a few things about this last week at Rook’s:

Becky is now on her way to her next adventure and will be sorely missed! Thank you for all your hard work the last year.

Congratulations to all of our PTQ attendees for destroying the records for what Wizards expected out of Bozeman (105 players!!!). I can’t wait to see every one at Missoula
‘s PTQ in November!

A special congratulations to both Arthur Stewart and Pat McCoucheon for making top 8 at the PTQ! This was Pat’s first big event! Arthur made Bozeman proud with his fantastic win using Delver.

The PTQ could not have happened without the three best judges in the world, Jeff Phillips, Dan Wu, and Jon Mortenson. We were extremely lucky to have such a talented and professional team join us for this event.

Our Warmachine/Hordes crowd is growing uncontrollably due to the efforts of Colby (now officially a Press Ganger!) and Andrew Perkins (soon to be Press Ganger???). Keep up the great work. I expect to bring my army with my for my next trip back and want to get a few games in with this great crowd of players.

Andrew, Cliff, Dustin, and Peter have been doing a great job holding down the fort for us and it was great to see that there are still happy community members enjoy Rook’s everyday. Thanks for working so hard to make sure Rook’s is still a great place to enjoy your favorite games.

It was great to see everyone while I was home. For everyone I didn’t get to cross paths with, I will be back again shortly and look forward to seeing everyone then. I miss you all a ton!


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