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Dark Ascension Game Days!

Saturday and Sunday; February 25th and 26th 12:30 P.M. Both days Everyone* who plays in this event will receive a Strangleroot Geist Promo Extended Art card. The top 8 players will each receive a foil Extended Art Promo Zombie Apocalypse!

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Grand Prix Trial Sealed

GPT Seattle Saturday, February 18th 2:30 pm – this is not a typo, our Judge is busy earlier in the day First place wins a 3 round bye at Grand Prix Seattle! The GP in Seattle will be the first

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War Torn Alliances Gnarls League

When: Now – March 4th Any time you can find other players! Earn Upgrades, battle against fiction driven alliances, win commendations, and more in this year’s first part of the ever popular Privateer Press Leagues! For all the league information,

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